Everett E. Hudiburg Memorial Award

About the Award

Everett E. Hudiburg was a member of the Stillwater, Oklahoma, Fire Department from 1934 to 1954. He worked his way through the ranks of the department, serving as the fire chief from 1945 to 1954. He was a proud graduate of Stillwater High School and Oklahoma State University.

Beginning in 1952, Hudiburg served a three-year apprenticeship as associate editor of the International Fire Service Training Association. In that role, Hudiburg attended all of the annual IFSTA Validation Conferences. Having written parts of some of the earlier manuals and deeply involved in the editing and publication of others, he was quite familiar with all of the IFSTA publications and the publishing process. When Hudiburg took over as the IFSTA Editor in 1955, his leadership capability and significant past experience with IFSTA allowed him to effectively maintain the continuity of the program. He loved his work with IFSTA and was quite proud of his role in publishing fire service manuals that were used worldwide. Following his retirement, Hudiburg continued to edit manuals for the organization for quite some time.



2023 Award Recipient

Dennis Compton, retired fire chief and former International Fire Service Training AssociationExecutive Board chairman, was awarded the 2023 Everett E. Hudiburg Memorial Award, as well as the 2023 John W. Hoglund Award, during the 90th IFSTA Summer Validation Conference July, 8 2023.

Chief Compton has more than 52 years of experience in the fire service. Throughout his years, he has taught, counseled, and mentored firefighters, fire officers, and other fire service leaders. The number of firefighters he has touched through his leadership is in the thousands.

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Dr. Daniel Madrzykowski, senior director of research for UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) and IFSTA Executive Board member, was awarded the 2023 Everett E. Hudiburg Award during the 90th IFSTA Summer Validation Conference July 8, 2023.

Dr. Madrzykowski has more than 35 years of experience working to improve fire safety by conducting research and development in the areas of fire dynamics, fire test methods, fire control, and fire investigation. Going beyond the limits of the laboratory, Dr. Madrzykowski has been engaged with fire service organizations to share and teach the results of fire research in a way that can be understood and implemented by fire departments in their training.

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Past Recipients

  • 1972 Henry D. Smith
  • 1973 Andy Miller
  • 1974 John W. Hoglund
  • 1975 Louis J. Amabili
  • 1976 Glenn A. Boughton
  • 1977 Richard Calhoun
  • 1978 Carl McCoy
  • 1979 Kenneth Stanton
  • 1980 Carrol Herring
  • 1981 Elmo Anderson
  • 1982 Keith Royer
  • 1983 Joseph L. Donovan
  • 1984 Martin Grimes
  • 1985 Alan Brunacini
  • 1986 Arlen D. Gross
  • 1987 Gerald E. Monigold
  • 1988 Marvin Austin
  • 1989 Howard Boyd
  • 1990 Catherine B. Lohr
  • 1991 Harold R. Mace
  • 1994 Max McRae
  • 1995 Dr. John Bryan
  • 1996 Paul H. Boecker
  • 1997 William Vandevort
  • 1998 Carl Holmes
  • 1999 J. Faherty Casey
  • 2000 Raymond C. Davidson
  • 2002 Gene P. Carlson
  • 2003 Hugh Pike
  • 2004 Steve Edwards
  • 2005 Dr. Denis Onieal
  • 2007 William Goldfeder
  • 2008 Michael Wieder
  • 2009 Meri K. Appy
  • 2010 Christopher Neal
  • 2011 Chuck Burkell
  • 2012 Ron Siarnicki
  • 2013 Dr. Anthony Brown
  • 2015 Kevin Roche
  • 2016 Ronny Coleman
  • 2016 William Troup
  • 2018 Russ Sanders
  • 2019 Ed Kirtley
  • 2020 Nancy Trench
  • 2021 Keith Bryant
  • 2022 Tonya Hoover
  • 2023 Dennis Compton
  • 2023 Dr. Daniel Madrzykowski

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