IFSTA Executive Board

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An Executive Board governs the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA). The Board consists of no less than 15 and no more than 18 members. The officers of the Board include the Chair, Vice Chair, and Executive Director. The Board has the sole policy-making authority for the Association so long as such policies do not conflict with the procedures of Oklahoma State University. Duties of the Board include establishing policies, projects, approving scope and purpose statements, approving titles for new and revised training materials, advising Fire Protection Publications on pertinent matters, and maintaining external relations with other organizations. The IFSTA Validation Conference delegates elect the members of the Board for a term of three years. Twelve members of the Executive Board shall be elected for a term of three years by the delegates at the Annual Validation Conference. Not less than three and no more than six members shall be appointed to the Executive Board from a list of nominees prepared by Executive Board Officers and submitted to the Executive Board for a confirmation vote. Newly elected Board members take office at the end of the Annual Validation Conference. The Chair is elected by simple majority of the Board. The Chair presides over all Board and General Assembly meetings. It is also the duty of the Chair to appoint all standing and ad hoc committees. The Chair appoints the Vice Chair from the Board membership. The Vice Chair serves as Chair of the Delegate Selection Committee. The Vice Chair also performs other duties as assigned by the Board. The Executive Director is an employee of Fire Protection Publications at Oklahoma State University who is approved by the Board. The Executive Director is empowered to act autonomously for the Executive Board in questions of policy that are of concern to the Association until such time as the Board can give those questions due consideration.



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