Pumping and Aerial

Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook

4th Edition

Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 4th Edition, encompasses everything needed to educate driver/operators who are responsible for apparatus equipped with fire pumps and/or aerial devices and how to safely use them. This manual aids driver/operators in meeting the job performance requirements (JPRs) in NFPA 1010, Standard for Firefighter, Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator, Airport Firefighter, and Marine Firefighting for Land-Based Firefighter Professional Qualifications, 2023 Edition.

Early chapters of this edition focus on safe driving knowledge and skills applicable to both pumper and aerial apparatus drivers. This section also covers inspection and maintenance of apparatus.

The pumper section of this manual presents general principles of pump operation, along with the application of those principles where feasible. The aerial device section is designed to educate driver/operators responsible for operating fire apparatus equipped with aerial devices, such as aerial ladders, articulating elevating platforms, and water towers.

Pumping Apparatus Content Features Include:

  • Fire Apparatus Manufacturer’s Association (FAMA) standardized safety signs for fire apparatus
  • Fire pump features and characteristics
  • Pump operations from pressurized and static water sources
  • Hydraulic calculations in a new format that aids teaching and learning
  • Customary and metric calculations presented side by side for better flow
  • Updated content on foam types, hazards, and application methods
  • Appendices that highlight alternative methods of fire ground hydraulic calculations along with calculations to supply structural sprinkler and standpipe systems
  • New and updated skill sheets

Aerial Apparatus Content Features Include:

  • Updated introductory chapter that highlights modern features of aerial devices
  • Aerial apparatus safety emphasizing the most common risks based on actual incidents including: stabilizing equipment before raising the aerial device, wearing fall protection, and avoiding power lines
  • Updated aerial strategies and tactics including elevated fire attack, rescue operations, ventilation, and structural access/egress
  • Proper stabilization, positioning, and operation of telescoping and articulating aerial devices
  • New and updated skill sheets including skills for operating and maneuvering tiller apparatus


Comprehensive and easy to customize curriculum:

  • Plan of Instruction and Syllabus templates
  • Lesson Outlines and PowerPoint® Presentations
  • Chapter Tests
  • Learning Activities
  • Skills Evaluation Checklists
  • Instructor Toolkit

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