IFSTA Validation Committees


This is not simply an advertising slogan – It’s the way IFSTA manuals have been written and validated for over 85 years. In order to produce new and revised IFSTA manuals, a collaborative effort is required between staff members a Oklahoma State University's Fire Protection Publications (FPP) and members of the IFSTA validation committee assigned to that project.

IFSTA committee members are subject-matter experts from all areas of the fire and emergency services industry who provide assistance in reviewing and approving draft chapters for new and revised IFSTA manuals. Committee members also provide assistance in obtaining research materials, photographs and other information needed to produce a finished manual. Committees typically complete their work in a one to two year time frame, during which two to four in-person and several electronic web-based meetings may be held.

Meetings held in conjunction with the July IFSTA Validation Conference are attended at the committee member’s own expense. Committee members may be reimbursed by FPP for transportation and lodging expenses for the IFSTA Winter Meetings.

IFSTA Validation Committee Member Responsibilities

Professionals who accept the invitation to participate on an IFSTA validation committee will be expected to provide technical advice on the content of the manual and technical review of the materials written by FPP staff members. Prior to the committee’s first meeting, members will be sent information on the scope of the work to be performed and a suggested outline for the manual. At the first meeting the committee will finalize the manual’s outline and may begin review of draft chapters. Draft chapters are typically sent to committee members at a rate of one or two per month. Members should expect to spend two to five hours reviewing each chapter. Members must reply with their comments in writing within three to four weeks of reviewing each chapter. Continued participation in the process is contingent on meeting assigned deadlines.

FPP staff members compile all comments received for each chapter. The comments are reviewed and action upon by the committee as a whole at future committee meetings. These meetings typically range from one to three days. When all the issues in a given chapter are settled, that chapter is considered finished. The process is continued until all chapters in the manual have been addressed. At that time the committee is dismissed and FPP staff members complete the publishing of the manual.


There are no validation committees currently seeking applications. The application period for new committees is set to open October 2021.

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