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Speaking of Fire was developed to operate as a supplement to new IFSTA-FPP products as they were released, as well as providing general fire service industry news and knowledge. As the fire service industry has evolved, so has Speaking of Fire. Speaking of Fire is now a more topic-centric newsletter, designed to provide insight into topics that are of relevance to the fire service industry at the time of each issue’s release.

Comments or questions? Contact Colby Cagle, managing editor by email: caglecw@osufpp.org.

Read the latest issue: Navigating the Impacts of Extreme Events

In this issue of Speaking of Fire, our writers discuss the effects of extreme events on firefighters, as well as how to address those effects, with a focus on mental health and well-being.

Introduction: Protecting our Communities

The fire service industry has seen significant change over the last 50 years. Chief Dennis Compton details some of those changes and discusses what current future issues firefighters might face on the job.

Stress and Mental Health: Take Care of You

We’re all familiar with the physical demands firefighters encounter on a daily basis. Maria Koeppel, Ph.D. and Sarah Jahnke, Ph.D. remind us of the mental demands required of first responders, especially as related to stress on the job.

A Full Toolbox

Joel Billings, Ph.D. and Allison Kwesell, Ph.D. explore the influences that might cause disruptions to firefighters’ sleep, the potential consequences of those disruptions and tools that might improve sleep patterns.

Preparing for the Extreme and Unexpected

What happens when you must respond to three extreme wildfires at once? Chief Bill Tensfeld describes how he was able to control the situation and the steps taken to utilize available resources, begin recovery efforts, and use such events as a chance to learn.

Bridging the Gap Between Community and Government Assistance

The International Association of Fire Fighters’ disaster relief efforts are designed to bridge the gap between local, state and federal assistance supporting emergency personnel.

For the Love of the Job

Firefighters are subject to environments and events which adversely affect their mental health and wellbeing on a daily basis. Brittany Hollerbach, Ph.D. explores how mental health issues might manifest into behavioral health concerns and provides resources designed to address those issues.

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