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Oklahoma State University, home of Fire Protection Publications, is Oklahoma’s flagship land grant institution. Land grant universities have a three-fold mission: education, research, and outreach. FPP is an outreach program of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, boasting direct impact and community presence throughout North America and the world through their vast production of quality educational materials for the fire and emergency services.

In recent years, FPP has also become a major hub in the University’s research mission, as well. Under the direction of FPP Assistant Director Nancy Trench, FPP established a Research Department and has received millions of dollars in funding to research and find solutions to the most pressing fire and life safety problems. This includes research in public fire education, firefighter safety, educational methods, and leadership and management issues. These projects are used for the benefit of the fire service community, as well as, focusing on the needs of the public.

Working to save lives and property is a core mission of Fire Protection Publications. IFSTA and FPP training materials use the latest research results from these projects in their products. Also, results of these funded research projects are in turn shared with the public at no charge. Included in this section is information on these projects and their related outcomes.

The purpose of the International Fire Service Journal of Leadership and Management is to advance the international fire service by publishing carefully selected, peer-reviewed articles that enhance the theory and practice of fire leadership and management.

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