Thomas Breyer

Fire Service Organization

Thomas Breyer is the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Assistant to the General President (AGP) for Technical Assistance & Information Resources. The IAFF is headquartered in Washington DC, with a Canadian office in Ottawa, Ontario, which represents over 329,000 career firefighters and EMS providers who protect more than 85% of North America’s population.

Thomas served as a career firefighter-paramedic for 13 years. He spent the bulk of that time with the City of Forest Park, OH, where he served as a firefighter-paramedic, Lieutenant, and eventually the EMS coordinator. While at Forest Park, Thomas restructured and supervised a complete overhaul of the department’s EMS response.

Driven by his passion for fire suppression and EMS response, Thomas accepted a position at the IAFF as the Fire-Based EMS Specialist in the Fire and EMS Operations Department. Eventually becoming the Director of the Department, Thomas worked to increase the IAFF’s presence as a stakeholder with organizations that focused on EMS and the deployment of resources.

Thomas was appointed to the IFSTA Executive Board in July 2021. He also serves on the CoAEMSP Board of Directors and the CPSE Board.

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