Dr. Scott Kerwood

Fire Department

Scott Kerwood is a student of the fire service. He currently serves as the Fire Chief for Hutto Fire Rescue in Hutto, Texas and also works as an adjunct instructor for Capella University where he teaches Masters and Doctoral classes in homeland security, fire, and emergency management operations. Scott has a Bachelor's degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University, a Master's degree from the University of Oklahoma in Public Administration, and a doctorate degree in Public Policy from Waldon University. Scott is also a graduate of the National Fire Academy's (NFA) Executive Fire Office Program, is a credentialed chief fire officer, chief emergency medical services officer, and fire marshal from the Center for Public Safety Excellences, and is a designated Fellow in the Institution of Fire Engineers. Scott is a member of the Texas Fire Chiefs Association Executive Board and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Safety, Health and Survival Section Executive Board. He also serves as the Principal member for the IAFC on NFPA 1500:Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program.

Scott began his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter in 1978. He has worked in various locations with various fire departments, served in many fire department roles, has taught for several different organizations and colleges including the NFA, and serves on several fire service professional organizations. Scott has been involved with the IFSTA family since 1982 and has served on many IFSTA committees including: Fire Stream Practices (7th Edition), Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (1st Edition), Haz Mat for First Responders (2nd Edition), Chair for Haz Mat: Managing the Incident (3rd Edition), and Haz Mat Technician (1st Edition & 2nd Edition), Vice Chair for Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellness (3rd Edition), and Chief Officer (3rd Edition). He now serves as the Chair of Chief Officer (4th Edition).

Scott is blessed with a beautiful family that includes his wife Alissa, his son Ahrens (yes, like the fire truck!) and future daughter-in-law Vanessa, and English bulldog Big Ben. Scott and Alissa enjoy traveling, genealogy, and American Indian studies.


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