Fire Safety Solutions for People with Disabilities

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Funded in part through the DHS, U.S. Fire Administration, Fire Prevention and Safety Assistance to Firefighters Grant program, this project was designed to make Oklahomans with physical disabilities and their homes more fire safe. With the assistance of partner, ABLE Tech (OSU), free smoke alarms that met the needs of people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, have Low Vision, or are Mobility Impaired were installed and fire safety education discussed. To date 8 confirmed “saves” have been documented. Several outcomes were realized from this project and FPP is pleased to share these. The outcomes include a complete Implementation Guide, customized home fire safety educational messages, a DVD alternative to the printed messages for adults who are deaf, and information on an ADA compliant home fire sprinkler demonstration trailer which was built during the project.


Implementation Guide

The 55 page Guide chronicles the details of the successful project including sample forms used to implement and evaluate a home fire safety education and smoke alarm installation program for people with disabilities on a local, regional, or state level. Included is a valuable Social Etiquette Guide for public educators who work with people with disabilities.


Home Fire Safety Educational Messages in Print

These booklets are customized for the specific needs of people with disabilities. The printed materials used with the Fire Safety Solutions for People with Disabilities project in Oklahoma, are tailored for each type of physical disability (Hard of Hearing, Blind/Low Vision, Mobility Impairments and Deaf). Each is available in English regular print and large print, and in Spanish large print.


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Home Fire Safety – Hard of Hearing


Home Fire Safety Messages DVD

Developed as an alternative to the printed messages, this DVD was created for use by adults who are deaf and use American Sign Language (ASL). The focus of Fire Safety for YOU at Home, is smoke alarms, home escape planning and priority home fire prevention messages. The DVD has English voice over and captioning options. Total running time is 27 minutes and copyrighted by the Board of Regents, OSU. The DVD is available from two separate sites.


Accessible Home Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer

FPP/OSU designed and built a Home Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer which is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of fire sprinklers in the home. The desire was not only to benefit the general public, but also to be fully accessible to people with disabilities. Special design elements are targeted to people who are blind or have low vision, people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and people who are mobility impaired and may use a wheelchair or other mobility equipment.

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