How To Be Fire Safe

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How To Be Fire Safe, is a home fire safety program for people with cognitive disabilities and is designed specifically for adults with mild to moderate mental retardation who live independently, or live with family and spend time at home alone. The development of the program has been supported by U.S. Fire Administration, Fire Prevention and Safety Grants. Developed by a partnership between Seeds Educational Services, Inc. (San Diego, CA) and FPP/OSU, this educational program to date has three parts.

The first, How To Be Fire Safe materials, focuses on smoke alarms and home fire escape drills. How To Be Fire Safe, Part II, adds additional priority home fire safety lessons. Both parts are designed to be delivered by professional educators who work with people with cognitive disabilities. The third part, If Not You, Then Who? is an educational kit which provides “how to” materials for Fire and Life Safety Educators. Each include valuable resource information, written lessons, and a variety of visual support materials including DVD’s.

The materials are available from the SEEDS web site and can be accessed directly:



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