Vehicle Extrication Series: 10 part DVD set

Vehicle Extrication Series: 10 part DVD set

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Vehicle extrication emergencies are a leading category of response for fire and rescue personnel. Responding to these incidents is inherently dangerous because of vehicle traffic and many other hazardous conditions. Both patient and responder lives depend on solid, up-to-date training in incident management, basic operational procedures and knowledge of tools and techniques used to complete an efficient and effective extrication. It’s critical that emergency responders are aware of hazards and how to control them at an extrication scene. Familiarity and knowledge of equipment use and of new vehicle technology is key to rescuer safety.
To help instructors meet these challenges, we have expanded our Vehicle Extrication series with new programs on hybrid and electric vehicles, advanced steel and alternative techniques for situations when the team must extricate trapped patients without hydraulic rescue tools. This 10-title Vehicle Extrication series builds on the foundation of our existing seven programs, already a mainstay for training in vehicle extrication throughout the fire service.

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