Fire Investigator, 3rd Edition

Fire Investigator, 3rd Edition

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Fire investigation is the compilation and analysis of information related to fire and explosions, usually to determine the origin and cause of a fire. To be successful, fire investigators must rely on scientific principles and research to reach their conclusions. The content in this edition of Fire Investigator has been reorganized to better meet the needs of readers and includes several new photos and illustrations. Additionally, this edition contains updated information regarding scene documentation and a heavier focus on investigation processes and the scientific method.

Fire Investigator, 3rd Edition, provides fire and emergency services personnel and civilian inspectors with the information necessary to meet the job performance requirements (JPRs) of NFPA 1033, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator, 2021 Edition. This edition also meets the Fire and Emergency Services for Higher Education (FESHE) Course Outcomes for two Associates, non-core courses: Fire Investigation I and Fire Investigation II; and one Bachelors non-core course: Fire Investigation and Analysis.

Also included in the scope is an emphasis on NFPA 921, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, 2020 Edition. NFPA 921 will serve as the first reference source for all information contained in this manual and should be considered a companion text for training purposes.

  • Publisher: Fire Protection Publications
  • ISBN: 978-0-87939-683-1
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages: 490
  • IFSTA Item Number: 36014

Chapter List

1. Organization, Responsibilities, and Authority
2. Safety
3. Fire Dynamics: Chemistry and Physics
4. Basics of Building Construction as It Relates to the Fire Investigator
5. Building Systems and Utilities
6. Basic Electricity and Electrical Analysis for Fire Investigators
7. Initial Actions in the Investigative Process
8. Scene Documentation
9. Evidence Collection and Preservation
10. Fire and Explosion Scene Examination
11. Explosion Dynamics and Investigation
12. Area of Origin Determination
13. Cause Determination
14. Presentation of Investigative Findings
A. Chapter and Page Correlation to NFPA® 1033, 2021 Edition Requirements
B. Common Construction Terminology
C. Federal Constitutional Search and Seizure Issues in Fire Scene Investigation
D. Interview Questions

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