Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE)

IFSTA publishes 25 textbooks that support the FESHE model curriculum. Robust student and instructor support products are also available including eBooks and apps to ensure student success. These texts incorporate state of the art teaching and learning methods from the layout of the text to the complete curriculums that are available at no cost to instructors. Fully accessible content is available to meet the needs of students with disabilities. For more information, contact

The Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) initiative is a project of the U.S. Fire Administration. FESHE provides model course outlines for fire related and EMS management courses in two and four year academic degree programs.

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Associates Core

COURSE: Principles of Emergency Services C0273

COURSE: Building Construction for Fire Protection C0275

COURSE: Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival C0281

COURSE: Fire Prevention C0286

COURSE: Fire Protection Systems C0288


Associates Non-Core

COURSE: Principles of Fire and Emergency Service Administration C0272

COURSE: Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply C0277

COURSE: Occupational Safety and Health for Emergency Services C0278

COURSE: Strategy and Tactics C0279

COURSE: Hazardous Material Chemistry C0282

COURSE: Fire Investigation I C0283

COURSE: Fire Investigation II C0284


Bachelor's Core

COURSE: Political and Legal Foundations for Fire Protection C0258

COURSE: Fire Prevention Organization and Management C0264

COURSE: Personnel Management for the Fire Service C0266

COURSE: Fire and Emergency Services Administration C0271

COURSE: Community Risk Reduction for the Fire and Emergency Services C0287

COURSE: Fire Service Ethics C0303


Bachelor's Non-Core

COURSE: Managerial Issues in Hazardous Materials C0274

COURSE: Fire Investigation and Analysis C0285

COURSE: Fire Protection Structures and System Design C0295

Other Courses

COURSE: Airport Firefighter

COURSE: Performance-Based Design Fire Protection

COURSE: Fire and Life Safety Education

COURSE: Principles of Code Enforcement

COURSE: Fire Plans Review

COURSE: Principles of Fire and Emergency Service Safety and Survival

COURSE: Advanced Principles in Firefighter Safety and Survival

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