Marine Fire Fighting for Land-Based Firefighters, 2nd Edition

Marine Fire Fighting for Land-Based Firefighters, 2nd Edition

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This manual prepares firefighters and emergency responders to meet Marine Fire Fighter I and Marine Fire Fighter II training and certifications requirements of NFPA 1005, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Marine Fire Fighting for Land-Based Fire Fighters, 2007 edition. The second edition features the single-column layout with many new photos and examples. This textbook gives assistance to fire service personnel with the training, knowledge, technical information, and reference materials necessary for the safe and effective management of marine fire incidents. It describes the roles and responsibilities of the vessel's crew, emergency responders, and other agencies, including the implementation of a unified command structure within an incident management system. The book describes common situations encountered in vessel fire situations for vessels of all sizes. The second edition features single-column layout with many new photos and examples.

Who may be interested in this manual:

  • Firefighters
  • Incident commanders
  • Vessel Crew members
  • All emergency responders
  • Command team members
  • Harbor/port officials
  • Coast Guard Authorities
  • Preincident planners

New material addressed:

  • Expanded instructional features
  • New emphasis on small vessels
  • Small-boat construction types
  • Recognizing hazards of vessels in dry dock
  • Table on guidelines for using fixed fire-suppression systems in closed spaces
  • Fire-suppression systems for marinas
  • Marine and facility plans and response

Front of each chapter:

  • Chapter Contents
  • Key Terms
  • List of JPRs
  • Learning Objectives
  • Publisher: Fire Protection Publications
  • ISBN: 978-0-87939-386-1
  • Edition: 2nd Edition
  • Year: 2010
  • Pages: 628
  • IFSTA Item Number: 36856

Chapter List

1. The Maritime Domain
2. Organizational Roles, Structures, and Resources
3. Vessel Types
4. Vessel Markings, Arrangement, Construction, and Systems
5. Vessel Hazards and Safety
6. Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, and Inert Gas Systems
7. Vessel Plans, Drawings, and Documents
8. Incident Response
9. Cargo
10. Vessel Stability
11. Training for Marine Fire Fighting

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