Hazardous Materials Technician 2nd Exam Prep Plus App

Hazardous Materials Technician 2nd Exam Prep Plus App


Prepare for your certification exams while on the go! Hazardous Materials Technician 2nd Edition Exam Prep Plus contains 766 multiple choice questions designed to test your knowledge of IFSTA’s Hazardous Materials Technician 2nd Edition training manual.


Exam Prep Plus tracks and records your progress, allowing you to review your exams and study your weaknesses. In addition, your missed questions are automatically added to your study deck.


The following topics are covered in this app:

Introduction to Hazmat Technician
Analyzing the Incident: Understanding How Matter Behaves
Analyzing the Incident: Understanding Atomic Structure and the Chemistry of Hazardous Materials.
Analyzing the Incident: Understanding Common Families and Special Hazards of Hazardous Materials/WMDs.
Analyzing the Incident: Detection, Monitoring, and Sampling Procedures
Analyzing the Incident: Detecting, Monitoring, and Sampling Hazardous Material
Analyzing the Incident: Collecting and Interpreting Hazard and Response Information
Analyzing the Incident: Assessing Container Condition, Predicting Behavior, and Estimating Outcomes
Planning the Response: Developing Response Objectives
Implementing and Evaluating the Action Plan: Incident Management.
Implementing the Action Plan: Personal Protective Equipment.
Implementing the Action Plan: Decontamination
Implementing the Action Plan: Product Control
Implementing the Action Plan: Incident Demobilization and Termination

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