Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement 8th Edition Exam Prep Plus App

Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement 8th Edition Exam Prep Plus App


Prepare for your certification exams while on the go!  Exam Prep Plus is a portable, interactive version of our print Exam Prep product and contains 1,254 questions. Create a custom exam by choosing any of the 16 chapters covered in the Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 8th Edition Manual. Exam Prep Plus tracks and records your progress allowing you to review your exams and study your weaknesses. In addition, your missed questions are automatically added to your study deck. With its easy-to-use interface and flexible navigation, you're sure to find it a wonderful addition to your collection of study tools.


This app covers the following topics:


Duties and Authority
Codes, Standards, and Permits
Fire Behavior
Construction Types and Occupancy Classifications
Building Construction
Building Components
Means of Egress
Site Access
Fire Hazard Recognition
Hazardous Materials
Water Supply Distribution Systems
Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems
Special-Hazard Fire Extinguishing Systems and Portable Extinguishers
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
Plans Review
Inspection Procedures

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