Brett Lacey

Fire Department

Brett Lacey is Fire Marshal of Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD). As Fire Marshal, he steers the Division of the Fire Marshal’s quest to reduce community risks through state-of-the-art mitigation, prevention, development, enforcement, investigation, education, and regulation. Brett is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University and maintains Type III Incident Commander and Plans Chief certifications. His affiliation with the International Fire Service Training Association Executive Board began in 2009, and he currently chairs its Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement validation committee. His participation on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code committees is extensive, and he is a co-author of Fire Prevention Applications for the Company Officer and Fire Prevention Applications Second Edition. A thirty-nine-year commitment to the fire service industry has allowed Brett to work for various fire departments in the ranks of firefighter, paramedic, fire protection engineer, deputy fire marshal, and fire marshal.


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