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FPP Use of Copyrighted Material

Permission form for Fire Protection Publications use of copyrighted material can be found here

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Editorial Contacts

For information on submitting a book proposal, or to contact a Technical Editor, please send your inquiry to


Frequently Asked Questions


I have written, or would like to write, a book of my own. Do you publish books from outside authors?

Yes we do. Fire Protection Publications publishes many fire-service-related books and manuals independent of the IFSTA label. In order for us to consider publishing your work, it must not conflict or compete with any existing IFSTA or FPP publications.

How do I get an article or photo printed in Speaking of Fire?

Submit your article or photo to our marketing staff, or mail your entries to c/o Speaking of Fire at our headquarters address.

Can I submit photos to Fire Protection Publications?

Yes, most should deal with specific subject matter (photos of particular equipment, step-by-step techniques, etc.). We do also have occasional use for good photographs that would be suitable for covers for our catalogs, newsletters, advertising pieces, and our manuals. Refer to our Photography Guidelines.

Are signed releases required?

Yes, all photographs submitted must be accompanied by a signed photo/model release. Note that we do not return unused photographs.

Will I get a 'credit line' for my photos?

Yes. If you require a fee for use of your photographs. you must send in an information sheet providing us with address and contact information, any requirements you have in regard to credits, compensation, use privileges, etc. Please also include information as to what your areas of specialization are (hazardous materials photos, EMS, wildland, rescue, etc.).

To whom do I report potential technical or other errors in IFSTA materials?

To contact a Technical Editor or Curriculum Developer, please send your inquiry to

How do I submit physical photos to Fire Protection Publications?

Mail to : Photographer Database
FPP Library
930 N. Willis
Stillwater, OK 74078-8045

Who is the training specialist for my site?

View our United States training specialist territory map or email



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